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 Post subject: Laree - The City & Greetings
PostPosted: 04 Jan 2011, 16:29 
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Kronos wrote:
Greetings and a happy New Year!

Perhaps you have seen one of the snowmen and he brought you to Kelgari - they can be found in several regions: Lathenia, Ragnur and Wilisia - and some of them have been sighted in Hewn as well. Laraf Pipes are sold at the Round House in Konlir if you need a pipe.

From now on there is a small chance to find several new and special items in Kelgari - either from the tree as souvenir - or from the NPCs on the lake. We intended to make Kelgari accessible until 7 January, but because it was introduced this Christmas, and because of these new rare items, Kelgari will be accessible until 24 January.

Oh, by the way, the snowmen will not interfere with Soul Spheres or Quests anymore.

3 January 2011 is the first birthday of World 1 and on this day we will introduce the City of Laree - the first region of multiple new regions and more updates which come from the German Freewar.

It took a lot of time to finish these updates. The German and English Freewar are synchronised by a specialised "application", because a "manual" synchronisation would require far too much time. But unfortunately before the start of World 1, time was running out - and this forced me to make some changes which led to a lot of problems that had to be fixed "manually", and this led to the delay of the normal updates - but I have resolved the said hurdles and most of the updates are ready now. I apologise sincerely for the delay.

But I was not the only one who was working on the translation: Neither the start of World 1, nor these updates, would have been possible without Amaryll.

Because the problems have been resolved, future updates will be unaffected by them.

The current updates will be gradually integrated into World 1 as we have finished proofreading and testing them.

I want to express my gratitude towards the following people, in alphabetical order:

- Amaryll (moderator and lead translator): She is literally the foundation and cornerstone of World 1. She has translated a tremendous amount of items, NPCs and fields herself - and she has revised the existing translations of most others. Think of her as a "translation administrator". She also wrote the texts of Kelgari.

- fairytree (forum moderator): fairytree has a unique talent for creating most impressive images. She had the original idea for making Kelgari and designed its map and the images of its NPCs and items. Maybe you have already seen some of her images in the previous months - e. g. Easter Eggs, Kawa Eggs, Laraf Cakes.

- Innocent (supermoderator): You probably already know that she has been a supermoderator for some time now. Nevertheless, I hereby officially announce her supermoderator status - and bow in respect. She knows Freewar like the back of her hand.

- restless wayfarer (supermoderator and item administrator as restless smith): He has supported World 1 as supermoderator since its beginning and he is also supermoderator in the German World 12. Several outstanding Freewar maps carry his name.

- Valakor (administrator, lead reviser and item administrator as ItemMan): He is from an English-speaking country. But also for a native speaker, his language reflects excellence. Valakor is an administrator, reviser of all translations and, for me, a valued friend.

- I also want to thank all the other moderators of World 1: aVe, crystal nef, Lunita, Neeti, Sand Wraith, Slacker

- And the former supermoderator: Beccy

- And the former moderators: Elyriah, Jake Sully, Mef, Memory

- And everyone who made contributions during the translation: artemisia, Ayutthaya, Clemetas, dArkycc, DerImperator, Dhana, Drachi, Eluna, Elyriah, Enyxar Malica, E-T, Fenneka, FM, Hephaistos, Hermenefried, jaleh, LostLittleSoul, Magic Lady, Narida , Piru, Pyros, Rhapsody, Seattle, ShadowFlame, Silverice, Storm, Top Secret, Venon, Wildfang, XanSeS

- And players who made contributions in World 1: Rumastiker and others

- And the Freewar administrators: Andocai, Ganymede, Miro, Tiramon

A very special thanks goes to Sotrax, the eternal creator of Freewar, for making World 1 possible.

I fear that I did not list everyone who deserves to be on this list. Indeed, there are more people who I owe a deep debt of gratitude. Thanks to all of them.


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